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Start your vacation sooner with Grocery Concierge

Imagine having your groceries, beverages, paper items, even sunscreen already in your unit and ready to enjoy.  Grocery Concierge can make this happen so that your vacation rental is fully stocked and ready for your arrival. Grocery Concierge provides meal planning and grocery delivery services for visitors on Navarre Beach and Pensacola Beach.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Tell us about your trip and what services and products you need at least 3 days before check-in.

  2. Receive phone call to review details.

  3. Pay invoice.

  4. Relax.

Partners Gretchen Carter, Andy Epstein and Judy Epstein contribute unique experiences and skillsets gained from previous occupations. Gretchen has over 30 years of experience in food-related industries while Andy offers more than 30 years of experience from the home products industry. Judy, a lifelong resident of the area, brings knowledge of local attractions for families.

As a concierge service, they are committed to helping you not only shop for groceries and supplies but also providing guidance on quantities needed, introducing local merchants and products, suggesting easy-to-prepare recipes, and providing removal and donation of any unused items to a local food pantry as needed. Their goal is for you to start your vacation as soon as you reach the beach.

Carter said she started Grocery Concierge in 2019 because of her personal experiences on Navarre Beach. There is no grocery store on the island, so Carter thought she could make it easier for tourists and bring the groceries to them.

“We realized once you got to the island, you didn’t really want to leave,” she said.

Their service maximizes visitors’ relaxation time and allows them to start their vacation sooner.

“In many ways they actually get an extra day of vacation,” Carter said. “They don’t have to spend that first day shopping for groceries in a store they’re unfamiliar with.”

Make sure to check out their blog at  for fun vacation ideas, rundowns on local business and meal planning tips.

Additionally, the partners provide home organizing and event planning services through Organized Occasions. Their goal is to help you embrace and celebrate every occasion in life. Whether that occasion is to move into a new house, finally get the garage organized, celebrate a special occasion, or take the grandkids to the beach for vacation, they can help you make those occasions more than just dates on the calendar. They can transform them into celebrations. Visit to see how they can help.

Organized Occasions also provides packing and unpacking services for moving.

“I use a color coded system so that boxes can be placed in the proper room at the new home, and each box has a label listing contents so if you need to find something like the coffee pot quickly when you get to your new house, you know exactly which box to open,” Carter said.

Beach Home Concierge services provides people that own second homes on Navarre Beach with a service that will prepare their home for their arrival, including stocking it with groceries, beverages, etc. They will also pull out the patio furniture that’s been stored since last year, refresh the house a bit, and again, maximize beach time.

And that’s not all that this team offers. They can bring a wine or beer tasting experience right to the comfort of your beach vacation home.

“I love that visitors have been coming here for years and now they’ll be able to add to their experience,” Carter said. “Maybe they’ve had these experiences in Destin, but now they’ll be able to have these upper-scale experiences in Navarre.”

They also offer romantic beach picnics complete with throw pillows, blankets, low custom-made tables, décor and dinner ware.

“I feel like what we’re going to provide is an experience that Navarre Beach visitors have never seen before,” Carter said.

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