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Create Lasting Memories: Elevate Your Vacation with our signature Offerings!

Ready to craft your dream vacation?  Start here! 

Book with us now or give us a call today at 850.396.1065 and let us turn your Special Occasion into a Celebration!

Let us enhance your outdoor excursions with the convenience of a Snackventure. Our package includes a 14-inch snacklebox filled to the brim with culinary delights and a filled cooler to keep you hydrated. Perfect for beach days, pool days, kayak and paddleboarding, and fishing trips.


$195 All Ages •  4 adults or 2 adults and 4 kids

Let us create an unforgettable tasting experience tailored to your preferences and conducted in your beach vacation home. Gather your group (2-12 people) and indulge in a delightful wine tasting experience featuring 4 carefully selected bottles of wine.

Wine Tasting Experience

$150 - $300 Ages 21+ • 2 Hours

Up to 12 People per Party

Elevate your beach getaway with a unique beer tasting experience. Discover craft beers from nearby breweries without leaving your vacation home! Enjoy 4-5 different brews while learning fun facts and tasting notes. (2-12 people)

Local Craft Beer Tasting

$50 - $300 Ages 21+ • 2 Hours

Escape the ordinary and immerse yourself in our exclusive beach picnic. Prepare to be mesmerized by breathtaking sunset views while you relax and enjoy a beautifully arranged dinner. Available on Navarre and Pensacola Beach.

Sunset Beach Picnic

$300 - $1050 All Ages • 2 Hours

Start your day with the mesmerizing beauty of the sunrise as you embark on a guided shelling tour along Navarre Beach. After collecting your prized shells, indulge in a Continental Breakfast Picnic right on the beach.

Sunrise Shelling and Breakfast

$45 - $75 All Ages • 3 hours Unforgettable experience!

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